Must have tapestries for your home this summer!

1. The Purple Tapestry

When this Purple Tapestry was made, we kept the significance of purple in mind. The color purple signifies wisdom. This tapestry was created to remind you that you are a wise individual who will make intelligent choices every day.


2. Macrame Flowerpot Hanger

Hang your beautiful pots right next to the window with a Macrame Flower Pot Hanger. Sometimes we don't have enough shelving space for your plants. Hanging them is a great solution if you are limited on space. This Macrame Pot Holder is 40" long.


3.Turquoise Tassel Tapestry

Turquoise Tassel Tapestry

The Turquoise Tassel Tapestry shall be a reminder every day to always create a serenity environment. We get caught up in our day to day routine that we forget the most essential things in life. Taking a little time every morning to remind yourself what you're thankful will go a long way. The color turquoise is a symbolism of serenity.

4. Pink Tapestry

The pink tapestry is created to remind yourself to always be sweet to others and yourself. We tend to be a little hard on ourselves, as we can be our worst critic. However, in order to live life happily, we have to find the sweetness in every situation. Whether it's good or bad. The pink tapestry is a great reminder every day when you feel you're in a tough situation, to always search for the sweetness

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